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"Shilpaa has been instrumental in helping me serve and understand the needs my old babies specially when they have been very unwell.
My pets were able to communicate their food preferences and psychological needs
Shilpaa because of you I know my babies better."

Name: Rachana Srivastava
Profession/Designation: Lawyer & Spiritual psychotherapist, Gurgaon
Organisation: Psychic reading for my pets

"Shilpaa, the name itself brings a huge smile on my face. Feels like I have known her for ages and shared an immediate connection with her.
Shilpaa has taught me a lot through her readings, her workshops and even in general discussions. She helped me work on myself and wherever I have reached today, it is only because of her.
I have done so many different readings like Mokshapat, Tarot, Angel cards and Pendulum with her and they were so accurate and not to forget Aura meter, my absolute favourite. Her expertise with Aura Cleansing is stupendously fantastic. I felt lighter and brighter and intend to go for it regularly.
She is so awesomely dedicated towards her work and the connection she shares with the Universe is ultimate. Her workshops on Prosperity Flows, Conscious Gratitude and Ho'oponopono take you on another level of self discovery and self-love and you learn so so much along the way with surreal experiences. Shilpaa makes us realize how beautiful life really is and encourages to do the best with all that we have and all that we want to have. I just love the way she handled all my queries with all the patience and love. Forever grateful to the kind Universe for gifting me Shilpaa.
I wish you all the love and success on this earth!"

Name: Aruna (Anu) Kamlakare
Profession/Designation: , Co-founder @ World-Simplified, Associate Partner @ Blissful Affiliate, Visa and immigration Consultant @ IPPC Visas
Organisation: Done Aura Cleansing, Aura meter, Mokshapat, Pendulum Tarot and Angel Cards.
Done Conscious Gratitude, Prosperity Flows, Ho'oponopono and MAP

"I feel so lucky to connect to Shilpaa ma'am through my mom and due to her I have experienced lots of positive changes in my life. Inner peace, meditation , gratitude, abundance , prosperity are the few terms which I got to experience in my life due to these amazing workshops. All the problems have solutions and you have to start accepting the answers given by the divine. I remember when I first met Shilpaa ma'am we had done a mirror exercise and right from that moment I have always been inspired by her and I express by heartful gratitude that we have met and you have changed my world and perspective in life. In Ho'oponopono workshop we had learnt to chant these 4 sentences
I am sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you helped me overcome all the struggles and I could feel self confidence and I actually started taking responsibility of whatever was happening in my life. Angles workshop was when I experienced a shift in my life. I started feeling magical and felt like a security shield has been created around myself.
I will definitely recommend these workshops for experiencing shift and abundance in everyone's life. Thank you Shilpaa ma'am for being such a amazing mentor πŸ’–πŸ₯°"

Name: Aditi Dasture
Profession/Designation: Teacher
Organisation: Done Angel workshop, Ho'oponopono workshop.

"Shilpaa is a friend, philosopher and guide. I have attended her workshops, which are always enriching and there is something new to learn from every session. My experience in the Angel's workshop was marvelous and truly magical. The chakra
Meditation helped to resonate with the chakras for a proper balancing in the body. The Doodling and Zentangles (Escapade )was very creative and inspirational. The gratitude workshop is extremely powerful to attract abundance and positivity in one's life.She has touched my life by sharing positive vibes everyday through the SHIFT group, which has given me beautiful insights and helped to see shift my conscious to optimistic possibilities. I am sure that many more people will be benefitted by her sessions. I definitely recommend her workshops and healing practices to evolve and experience abundance in one's life. Thank you so much Shilpaa, for being in my life πŸ’–πŸ₯°"

Name: Manali Dasture
Profession/Designation: Teacher
Organisation: Done Angel's Workshop, Chakra workshop, Doodling Zentangles workshop,21 days of Gratitude

"As though it was destined to happen, I met Shilpaa thanks to a serendipitous encounter with a stranger with whom a felt a strange connection.
She told me about Shilpaa's deep connection with animals and nature and i connected with her immediately. She helped me hear and understand my fur baby better and it has done wonders for p
Our lives together. When the lockdown started, I used the opportunity to attend her nature speaks workshop and it's been such a blessing to know where to start from to understand how to receive communication from nature.
The map workshop underway right now, has been all i expected and more. Shilpaa has a powerful instinctive understanding of everyone's motivation. She is always patient, calm, funny and so very approachable, and before you know it you are achieving deeper levels of understanding and bringing about real positive changes in your life.
Thank you Shilpaa."

Name: Ahalya Naidu
Profession/Designation: co-founder, Trilogy.
Organisation: Done Animal communication 2019, Natures speaks workshop 2020, MAP workshop 2020

"'Happiness' is the first word that comes to my mind, when I think of Ms Shilpaa. I undertook 3 counseling sessions from her and saw a major shift in my mindset and attitude. She just has this positive aura in whatever she does and speak. I have also done an aura cleansing session with her which actually made me face some things that I was avoiding and I could just let it go. I am so grateful to Shilpaa for these wonderful experiences. I am currently doing MAP MoneyAbundanceProsperity course with her and I love how she curates each and every course with 'love' and an intention of 'giving'."

Name: Shamili Nair
Profession/Designation: Dance and fitness instructor
Organisation: Done Cleansing, Counselling and MAP workshop

"I have had the great opportunity of knowing Shilpaa for over 10 months now. Recently I got a Mokshapat reading done as my courier of 6 boxes was stuck at the airport in customs for over 2 months. The afternoon that I got my Mokshapat reading done, to my greatest surprise within 3 hours I received a call from the customs that they would clear my baggage & I would receive all my 6 boxes. The minute she guided me, something shifted and within the matter of few hours, the issue that had been going on for months was resolved. It was no short of a miracle. Shilpaa really has the blessing to guide you and fundamentally change things for you. Thank you so so so much, Shilpaa. Loootss of Love."

Name: Gulshan Manva
Profession/Designation: Fashion Marketer
Organisation: Done Mokshapata reading

"I was experiencing quite a few blockages which were largely reflecting in my environment. That when I approached Shilpaa for Aura Cleansing and during the session I experienced a lot of emotions that I did not realise I was holding on to for years. It was this time I realised I had a lot of suppressed emotions and fears that were coming to surface. I finally came to face to face with those emotions that were blocking my life and released them for good. It was so freeing! We even rechecked my chakras after the session and there was a noticeable difference. I felt so much liberation and a freedom from within. I am deeply grateful to Shilpaa for this shift in me. Thank you"

Name: Gulshan Manvanir
Profession/Designation: Fashion Marketer
Organisation: Done Aura Cleansing session

Dearest Shilpaa ,
"I am so grateful YOU are my teacher, friend guide and philospher (all rolled into one ) Thank you for emboldening me. Your positivity and encouragement have brightened my days. You made me a better and more thoughtful person.
Thank you for healing my heart and guiding me forward. Thanks a ton for revealing my path and showing me how to accept my purpose. Thank you for directing me to the peace I was seeking. Today, I am grounded in gratitude and welcoming abundant Divine miracles daily.
Wishing you loads of success and infinite Blessings in all your future Endeavours.
Pammi Singh."

Name: Pammi Singh Bilochpura
Profession/Designation: Chairperson Estrela Inc Group & Lancers Army School

"I've recently started sessions with Shilpaa.
The one thing that we cannot miss to notice about her is her willingness to help.
She is a very good listener and in just 3 sessions, with her amazing communication skills Shilpaa has not just helped me realize/identify the blocks but she has also put in genuine efforts in knowing me as person, to guide me on overcoming these blocks and to be in peace with my own self.
She is a person who radiates warmth and positivity which eventually rubs off to the person communicating with her thus inspiring them to move forward in the right direction.
I am thankful to Shilpaa for her investing her valuable time in making people's lives better.,br> "

Name: Neha Bowlekare
Profession/Designation: Senior Business Analyst, General Mills
Organisation: Personal Transformation Sessions