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Individual Spiritual Coaching


Shilpaa is a Transformational Life Coach working with an age group from 0 to 70 years for various areas of life such as Health, Relationships, Finance, Creativity, Self Esteem.

She works with Individuals & coaches them personally using multiple forms of therapy to release stress & achieve inner peace. She coaches Individuals to look at life with renewed optimism & helps individuals balance their physical, mental & emotional health.

She assists individuals in achieving that dream life, creating and holding the sacred space to "be" and grow at their pace. She is the personal trainer for your dreams. She believes in you, even when you have a tough time believing in you. She gives you accountability and acknowledgement. Her philosophy is "everything you need to know is right there inside you and with each session, you discover more and more of your inner gems, allowing dramatic changes."

She is a reiki healer & also uses colour therapy for healing. Apart from which she also uses SWITCHWORDS, ANGEL GUIDANCE and ENERGY CIRCLES for healing.

She does Zoom sessions & uses WhatsApp for as a means of guidance, teaching & hence is accessible to the whole world for personal coaching.

Shilpaa guides people to take well informed, wise decisions for their life by doing remedial divination using an ancient board Mokshapata, Angel Tarot or Runes. Any question can be asked to these divination tools & wisdom unfolds. These tools symbolize spiritual philosophy & can reveal the different changes or turning points you can expect to encounter while going forward. In addition to this, Shilpaa also does Past Life Regression & Aura cleansing which helps in clearing, healing, balancing & harmonizing your energy field. You get many beautiful insights & learn many new things about yourself, your relationships, your life’s purpose, experiencing progress within yourself.

She ensures that learning has been significant, full of fun & easily transferable to everyday life. She believes ‘one human with a positive attitude, calm and equanimous mind will impact infinite beings in his/ her life span irrespective of the professions. In this way she is contributing towards making this world a better place to live in by giving a helping hand to heal!