About Shilpaa Chogle


Transformational Life Coach, Arts Based Therapist & School Consultant.

She has a life story which goes from Struggle to Strength to Success! Her interpretation of the word ‘Transformation’ is that which is irreversible! She uses the analogy of water that changes to ice and goes back to becoming water. But ‘Transformation’ is when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. It never ever crawls again, it only flies!!

She believes she is a sculpture in the making where she is still removing the unwanted part of the stone to create a beautiful sculpture which is the ultimate & perfect creation of the Divine. She dedicates her success with deep gratitude to all her spiritual masters who positively influenced & shifted her life from Struggle to Success

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She believes she is a sculpture in the making where she is still removing the unwanted part of the stone..

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School & Colleges

Shilpaa is currently a Transformational Trainer for Arunodaya Public School Topmost CBSE school in Thane..

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Shilpaa is also a Corporate Trainer associated with many MNCs and educational institutions. She has..

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-Jinal Savla

Profession/Designatio: School Counsellor

Organisation: Niramaya Guidance clinic

I have never come across a person with so much of humbleness, compassion and patience towards her clients. I am extremely thankful to Ms. Shilpa ma'am for sharing her knowledge with me. Wishing you all the luck. May god always bless you with success

-Sanika Gondhale

Profession/Designation: Assistant teacher(Marathi)

Organisation: The S.I.A.Primary School,Dombivli West.

PD traning has changed my mind. I have started looking positive in life. My self confidence increased. Started thinking n loving myself.Also learned meditation which helps me daily life.Thanks to Shilpa ma'am.

-Tejas M. Vaidya

Profession/Designation: Sr Account Executive

Organisation: McCann Health

It simply worked. I was always an opportunist but now iam also super positive. I remember turning into a luck/success magnet too. Its all in the head and Shilpa Freud has definitely helped me harness it. I believe in myself and I believe in possibilities. Thank you Shilpa!!!

-Vandana Shinde

Profession/Designation: Asst. Teacher

Organisation: SIA high school

The course conducted by you was full of fun and easy to go through. Awesome training which presently help me in day to day life. Such as to deal with problems positively. Meditation helps me to keep my stress levels low. I have learned skills which I can forward to my students so that they will love their study. Well it's true I never met such a positive person like you, very articulate and orderly in how you lead the group.