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Art & Soul workshops bring in clarity through creativity!!!

Shilpaa is a Transformational Teacher Trainer, an Arts Based Therapist, a School Consultant & a Happiness Coach from the Berkeley University of Well-Being, California. As a Happiness Coach & a Happiness Educator she uses a ground-breaking curriculum to instill social & emotional intelligence through an innovative approach. She also trains teachers using the scientifically designed Happiness Curriculum. She uses the Happiness program with various organizations to understand the principles of Happiness & raise the Happiness Index of an organization. She facilitates Happiness Workshops to release stress, to be able to deal with emotional imbalance, to increase optimism & most of all to have fun & a hearty laugh.

Shilpaa is an Arts Based Therapist from World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation. ABT is a termed coined by WCCLF to represent the use of multiple art forms (music, drama and visual arts) & their combinations in therapy. The basis for ABT is eclectic drawing and a range of theoretical frameworks from Buddhist philosophy, Indian Psychology and Quantum Physics and other Rhythmic, Song-Story, Drama & Movement & Visual Aesthetics lineages. ABT has been beneficial for children and adults with special needs and psycho-social difficulties. ABT activities are stress busters, a sure fire way to build self-esteem and confidence, helps build team spirit and restore positivity. It has a tremendously cathartic and calming effect on human beings & is deeply therapeutic.

She is a Spiritual Life Coach & conducts empowering the self-workshops to train children & adults to equip themselves by upgrading their self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence & self-discovery. She teaches techniques & tools that will help you to release limiting beliefs, learn emotional control, take your power back & find happiness. She assists individuals in achieving that dream life, creating and holding the sacred space to "be" and grow at their pace. She is the personal trainer for your dreams. She believes in you, even when you have a tough time believing in you. She gives you accountability and acknowledgement. Her philosophy is "everything you need to know is right there inside you and with each session, you discover more and more of your inner gems, allowing dramatic changes."

She is a Transformational Teacher Trainer & has the ability to manage different learning styles, her questioning skills to check understanding, her listening skills to understand the views & concerns of participants makes her an efficient trainer. She is able to establish rapport to create a positive learning atmosphere. She has the controlling ability to manage time, flexibility to be able to respond to needs of individuals & assertiveness to handle conflicts or to manage non-negotiable points. As a trainer, she ensures that learning has been significant, full of fun & easily transferable to everyday life.

She has also been a School Consultant & has facilitated numerous teachers' in-service education programmes by giving inputs on the class transaction methods & reviewed & evaluated them.

Along with this she is responsible for preparing recommendations on teaching aids, instructional items & associated equipment. Through her work she is promoting the holistic development approach or the physical, intellectual, social wellbeing of the students.

Along with this she is responsible for preparing recommendations on teaching aids, instructional items & associated equipment. Through her work she is promoting the holistic development approach or the physical, intellectual, social wellbeing of the students.

She conducts Parents' Workshops on positive parenting of pre-schoolers to teenagers.

Shilpaa is a motivational speaker for Junior College students & has trained the students of SNDT College. She facilitates workshops on Body language, positive attitude, public speaking, anger management, time management and stress management for college students

Shilpaa is a Master Healer & Reiki Teacher & has designed Reiki & Mindfulness program for Educators. Reiki works at its highest potential at the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level & helps inspire children from within. This improves their focus & motivates them to perform better. In this way the students benefit as they do not panic, are more focussed and calm so they use their brain in an optimum manner & in the right direction.

Shilpaa is also a Corporate Trainer associated with many MNCs and educational institutions. She has trained students taking Degree Programmes in Human Development & the NSS students in Personality Development. Her experience and association with people from various domains helps her to effectively manage people and their behaviour. She is creative and possesses excellent inter-personal management skills. She has conducted training programs on Stress Management, Team building, People Management, Leadership skills, Communication skills and has been consistent in nurturing goals towards positive results.

Shilpaa is a Corporate Counsellor, who holds face to face talks with employees of an organisation to help him/her solve a personal problem. She helps improve that employees' attitude, behaviour or character so that his/her personal & professional life is balanced. Her core competency includes programs on Corporate etiquettes, Change management.

Campus to Corporate program & Train-the-Trainer workshops. She has worked to bridge the areas in communication and comprehend the changing needs of an organization. Her strong passion in human research and behavioural study has made her realize the reality to create a niche consistently.

Shilpaa is also a Play for Peace facilitator. Play for Peace is started in the late nineties with a desire to bring peace to areas of conflict across the globe. It brings together children and adults in communities affected by conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion and peace.

Shilpaa guides people to take well informed, wise decisions for their life by doing remedial divination using an ancient board Mokshapata, Angel Tarot or Runes. Any question can be asked to these divination tools & wisdom unfolds. These tools symbolize spiritual philosophy & can reveal the different changes or turning points you can expect to encounter while going forward. In addition to this, Shilpaa also does Past Life Regression & Aura cleansing which helps in clearing, healing, balancing & harmonizing your energy field. You get many beautiful insights & learn many new things about yourself, your relationships, your life's purpose, experiencing progress within yourself.

Shilpaa is an Animal Telepathic Communicator. As a professional telepathic animal communicator & a healer she offers interactive, fostering sessions that help the pet family understand the pets' perspective & find solutions which will be beneficial to both the animal & the human. She teaches Telepathic Communication through her workshops

The magic of communication shifts our beliefs; the elements of nature teach us to move from separateness to oneness. Our life truly shifts if we listen to what nature speaks, because nature does speak.